Updates and New Products

hce-ltd.com was started back in July, 2020. 

It was an extremely steep learning curve, initially the store was designed by two different companies, as the products weren’t selling well. 

November, 2020, the creator and founder of hce-ltd.com redesigned the website himself, after taking some University Courses in Digital Forensics. 

The store improved, got Shopify Partner Status for design and development. 

As hce-ltd.com evolved, with the help of boodlemart.com, sales skyrocketed. 

HCELTD was created on the App Store and Google Play offering more users the ability to access a family run business. 

A huge step was becoming an Authorized Retailer for Golden Arrow Archery, who distribute PSE, Bear, Elite, Tru Ball and more. 

Why Archery, after competing at the 2018 Invictus Games for Injured Soldier’s, founded by the Duke of Sussex, our Patron Harry. The Founder Competed in Team Compound Archery, ultimately winning a Bronze Medal with PSE Stinger, modified for Target Shooting. 

As hce-ltd evolves, we are always looking for new innovative products that will entice the buyer. 

However, our mission, affordable quality products, with excellent customer service. 

They always say having a Niche is the big thing, stick to one and sell it. What was created was an online shopping mall, or items the team at HCELTD would buy as gifts or for themselves. 

Our store is full of products that will make your life easier, add excitement, enable adventure, give us a try, and you save 10% automatically when you spend $50 CAD. 

The prices aren’t marked up like competitors, we want to sell more quality products at a reduced price to increase the quantity of visitors. 

We hope you enjoy the store. 

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