Men’s Style Guide: 4 Pro Tips to Look Great

Men’s Style Guide: 4 Pro Tips to Look Great

One thing that has been a conundrum for men since time immemorial is how to dress dapper. Nothing bugs a man’s mind like figuring out what to wear for a particular occasion. This is one area in where men need all the help they can get; it starts right here.

Men’s style guide

Whether you are going for a dinner date, workout session or interview, it is important to always dress appropriately. Below are some tips. 

  • Work: In a business casual work environment, you will find most of the guys rocking jackets. Blazers, a conservative tie and a pair of khakis also feature prominently in such a setting. One thing you must ensure though, is that your shirt is collared all the time. If you are part of law enforcement or military and heading out to a shooting range for practice, put on some military tactical pants. But ensure they are a good fit with a flexible waistband, allowing you to move with ease.
  • Dinner party:  Most dinner invitations come with a dressing code, which makes it easy to choose the appropriate clothing. You must strictly adhere to the dressing code to avoid looking out of place. If there is no defined dress code, a cocktail outfit will do. Above all, wear something comfortable; don’t overdress.

  • Wedding: First, ask yourself, how is the atmosphere at the wedding venue? Different environments call for different clothing. For example, clothing for a summer beach wedding will be different from a wedding happening indoors. Also, find out the kind of people that will be attending the wedding. Being part of the wedding party makes things easy because the choice of outfit happens in advance. Either way, you must wear the right outfit that will not get in your way of fun at the wedding.
  • Gym: If you are serious about burning those calories or toning that body, get the right wear for the gym. For starters, some well-fitting mens fitness pants coupled with a slightly loose t-shirt and the proper footwear will suffice.

Here is the thing. When you put on suitable clothing, proper workout gear, and observe high hygiene standards, that one hour of working out will be the best one yet.

Wrapping up: The journey to a great style starts right here for men. You can look great without breaking the bank. Use these pro tips as a reference point every time you are stepping out for whatever occasion.

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